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Book ’em, Danno

After several weeks of uninterrupted work things are starting to settle down a bit. It’s time to start booking “YOU” clients for the next few months. If you would like to schedule a time to talk please contact me so I can arrange my schedule for you. I will not be using Craigslist for a while. Therefor I should have plenty of time for my returning clients or new clients. Again my specialties are wordpress, vBulletin, openX, cart66 and HTML. Don’t worry, what you enquire is not listed you can still contact me. If I can’t do it I know someone who can. There is always a away.


Been busy

Ever sense the launch of the new website work has been crazy. I am working on a pretty big e-commerce right now. Full blown shopping carts lots of products. Before I even started I had to track down a script that was some how put in the main directory. The directory before the public_html. I found it and removed it and now designing their website on their server.

If you need a website designed contact me here

Thanks Don


Welcome to the new site

I thought I would start a new year with a new fresh website for my business. Business has been doing very good, fact last year 2011 was by far my best year yet. With all the clientele I have established in the last several years I believe this business will keep on growing. I never intended to have such a successful business. Temporary has turned in to full time.

Anyways, If you fallow my blogs I will periodically offer some special deals. I would like to some day have a small contest of some sort and offer a free custom theme for charity. Keep an eye out.

For those of you looking for a website, you can contact me directly here don@websitefix.net or use the form.